Reviews pour in: This fish is awesome

Samples of Hookline’s Northwest-style smoked salmon have been distributed around New York City, and everyone agrees this fish tastes amazing. Our hot-smoke method slowly roasts the fish for up to six hours, creating succulent salmon that is fully cooked yet still moist and flavorful. Smoldering alder wood chips impart a bold smoky flavor. Every step in the process — from selecting the best Atlantic salmon, to hand-slicing precise portion sizes, to carefully mixing the brine  — is done with one goal is mind: perfectly smoked fish. If you’d care to taste a sample, post a comment here and let us know how to contact you.

3 thoughts on “Reviews pour in: This fish is awesome

  1. My new favorite fast, super-delicious, healthy breakfast: toasted English muffin, olive oil, hummus, with Hookline salmon flaked on the top. Yummm!
    Open-faced, or else with arugula added and capped with the other muffin half… Not just for breakfast.
    Thank you Skip!!!

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