Un-lox your taste buds

Hookline Fish Company’s “hot smoke” method produces fully cooked and deliciously smoky salmon. You might have tried salmon labeled “kippered” or “baked,” but that can’t compare with Hookline’s tasty smoked fish.

We use a small-batch method that lets us give each piece of salmon individual attention. Our salmon is precisely hand-cut into portion sizes before it is brined (we use a simple brine made of water, salt and brown sugar), dried and smoked. The smoke and brine flavor and preserve the salmon. One bite, and you’ll be hooked.

2 thoughts on “Un-lox your taste buds

  1. I’ve tried this salmon before and it’s amazing! Keep us informed of the progress. What wine do you suggest to go along with this tasty treat?

    • A Washington state chardonnay is always appropriate, and Chateau Ste. Michelle is widely available (and reliably delicious). But also look for a dry riesling called Kung Fu Girl, made by Charles Smith in the Walla Walla area.

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